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Interchange Exit 130

At Bowes Construction, we are thrilled to reflect on the successful completion of Interchange Exit 130 in Brookings, South Dakota. This two-year project has been a monumental undertaking, transforming a vital gateway to our city. Our team took on multiple critical roles, from grading and gravel laydown to material supply and asphalt paving. Each phase […]

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Oakwood Lake State Park

Bowes Construction is proud to announce the successful completion of the road paving project at Oakwood Lakes State Park. This project involved comprehensive removals of existing pavement, grading, and asphalt paving to enhance the park’s infrastructure and provide a smoother, safer experience for visitors. Our team meticulously removed the existing surfaces to ensure a solid

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U.S. Highway 14 and U.S. Highway 81 Intersection

Bowes Construction was thrilled to be at the forefront of the transformative HWY 14 and US 81 highway intersection project, a significant undertaking that aims to enhance safety and efficiency for all road users. Our commitment to infrastructure development and community well-being was showcased in this project, where we turned a divided four-lane road into

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8th Street Brookings, SD

During the summer of 2022, Bowes Construction completed a Mill & Overlay on 8th street, the road that travels east and west directly south of South Dakota State University. This project required a 2” mill removal. After milling, Bowes Construction completed asphalt paving and re-installed the top 2” with new asphalt. This was a cost

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All City Suites & Storage

In 2021 Bowes Construction started construction on the new All City Suites and Storage. This project progressed over 2021 and was completed in the summer of 2022.  Bowes Construction was the first on the site, and also was one of the last on the site. First off Bowes Construction was responsible for site prepartion, this

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Highway 81

In the summer of 2022 Bowes Construction completed asphalt paving on highway 81. On this project, Bowes Construction was a subcontractor for the asphalt paving portion of this project. The purpose of this project was to reconstruct US-81 through the Twin Lakes to raise the elevation of the road and prevent the road from flooding

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7th and 15th Street

Bowes Construction was awarded prime contractor on the 7th and 15th street project in Brookings, South Dakota. This project consisted of two phases with original construction starting in the fall of 2021, with completion set for summers end of 2022. The first phase of the project was primarily focused on shaping the project as well

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3rd Street in Arlington

In the late summer and early fall of 2021 Bowes Construction completed construction on 3rd street located in Arlington, South Dakota. This project required a few services from Bowes Construction. First, Bowes Construction did removals of the existing street. Next, Bowes Construction was able to salvage the existing base course, by mixing it with new

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