We Value Our Community

We take community service seriously, and our long history of dedicating our efforts to the community bears that commitment. We believe that community work should remain an important and integral part of our professional obligations.

Bowes_Harvest Table

Bowes Construction Inc. Serves at the Harvest Table

Bowes Construction Inc. is proud to give back to our community by volunteering at the Harvest Table of Brookings, SD. As part of our commitment to making a positive impact beyond construction, our team members dedicate their time and effort to serving meals to those in need. By participating in this vital community initiative, we not only provide nourishment but also support a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and cared for. Through our involvement with the Harvest Table, Bowes Construction continues to embody the spirit of service and compassion, enriching the lives of individuals and families in Brookings and beyond.

Bowes Construction Inc. Helps the Brookings BackPack Project

“Bowes Construction proudly accepts the "Friend of 4-H" award, a testament to their unwavering commitment to community and education. Recognized for their outstanding support, Bowes Construction has played a pivotal role in advancing the mission of Brookings County 4-H.

This award celebrates Bowes Construction's dedication to fostering youth development, leadership, and life skills through its generous contributions and active involvement. From sponsoring educational initiatives to providing resources for hands-on learning experiences, Bowes Construction has been a steadfast ally in empowering the youth of Brookings County.

The "Friend of 4-H" award is a well-deserved accolade, acknowledging Bowes Construction's role in cultivating a positive impact on the lives of 4-H participants. By investing in the future leaders of the community, Bowes Construction exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and community engagement, leaving an indelible mark on the vibrant and thriving 4-H programs in Brookings County.”


Bowes Construction Inc. Teach Junior Achievement!

At Bowes Construction Inc., we believe in giving back to our community, which is why we were thrilled to volunteer for Junior Achievement and teach a class of enthusiastic fourth-grade students about entrepreneurship. With engaging activities and real-world examples, we showed them how entrepreneurship is like building a road – it starts with a vision and requires hard work, creativity, and collaboration to bring it to life. We encouraged the students to think creatively, explore their passions, and consider how they could turn their ideas into successful ventures. Through our interactive sessions, we hoped to inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs and instill in them the confidence and skills they need to pursue their dreams. It was truly rewarding to see their eyes light up with excitement as they discovered the possibilities that entrepreneurship holds.

Recipient of the “Friend of 4-H Award

“Bowes Construction proudly accepts the "Friend of 4-H" award, a testament to their unwavering commitment to community and education. Recognized for their outstanding support, Bowes Construction has played a pivotal role in advancing the mission of Brookings County 4-H.

This award celebrates Bowes Construction's dedication to fostering youth development, leadership, and life skills through its generous contributions and active involvement. From sponsoring educational initiatives to providing resources for hands-on learning experiences, Bowes Construction has been a steadfast ally in empowering the youth of Brookings County.

The "Friend of 4-H" award is a well-deserved accolade, acknowledging Bowes Construction's role in cultivating a positive impact on the lives of 4-H participants. By investing in the future leaders of the community, Bowes Construction exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and community engagement, leaving an indelible mark on the vibrant and thriving 4-H programs in Brookings County.”

Bowes 4H

Proud to Support our Veterans

Bowes Construction proudly sponsored the annual Veterans Day celebration, organized by the Brookings Chamber of Commerce. In a heartfelt display of gratitude and support for those who have served, Bowes Construction's sponsorship underscores their deep commitment to honoring the nation's veterans.

As a prominent contributor to the event, Bowes Construction plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success and meaningfulness of the Veterans Day celebration. Their sponsorship enables the Chamber of Commerce to organize a memorable day of tributes, recognizing the sacrifices and contributions of veterans from the local community.

Bowes Construction's involvement goes beyond financial support; it reflects a genuine appreciation for the dedication and service of veterans. The sponsorship underscores the company's recognition of the importance of community events that bring people together to honor and express gratitude to those who have selflessly served the nation. Also, supporting their many employees whom have served in the military.

Through their sponsorship of the Veterans Day celebration, Bowes Construction exemplifies corporate citizenship, emphasizing the profound impact businesses can have when they actively engage in commemorating and supporting the veterans who have safeguarded the values and freedoms we hold dear.

B&G Club

Bowes Construction Visits the Boys and Girls Club!

Bowes Construction brought the world of construction to life for eager young minds at the Boys and Girls Club in a captivating STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) presentation. The construction company, known for its commitment to community engagement, presented an interactive presentation where kids were introduced to various types of construction equipment.
Knowledgeable Bowes Construction staff showed videos of equipment in action. Also understanding the variable features and functions of equipment and learned how different pieces of heavy equipment are used.
The children received Bowes Construction hard hats and the atmosphere buzzed with excitement. Bowes Construction emphasized the importance of safety protocols on construction sites, instilling valuable lessons about responsibility and awareness.
The presentation not only sparked the children's curiosity about the world of construction but also planted seeds of inspiration for potential future engineers and builders. The memorable day at the Boys and Girls Club, courtesy of Bowes Construction, not only showcased the power and purpose of construction equipment but also fostered a sense of wonder and enthusiasm for the possibilities within the construction industry.

South Dakota State Students visit the Asphalt Plant!

South Dakota State University Engineering students embarked on a captivating field trip to Bowes Construction Asphalt Plant, immersing themselves in the practical applications of their academic studies. The visit provided an invaluable opportunity for these aspiring engineers to witness firsthand the intersection of engineering principles and the construction industry.

At the Bowes Construction Asphalt Plant, students were guided through the intricacies of asphalt production, gaining insights into the engineering processes that contribute to the creation of high-quality infrastructure materials. The tour highlighted the role of engineering in optimizing efficiency, sustainability, and safety within a real-world industrial setting.

The visit allowed students to engage with professionals at Bowes Construction, fostering meaningful conversations about the integration of engineering concepts in construction projects. They had the chance to explore the plant's cutting-edge technology, witnessing how engineering innovations are implemented to enhance productivity and meet industry standards.

This field trip not only deepened the students' understanding of engineering applications in the construction sector but also provided a glimpse into potential career paths. The hands-on experience at Bowes Construction Asphalt Plant served as a bridge between classroom theory and practical implementation, empowering SDSU Engineering students to connect their academic knowledge with the challenges and solutions present in the dynamic field of construction engineering.

Students Visit
Operators Visit

Lake Area Heavy Equipment Operators Visit!

The Lake Area Heavy Equipment Operator students embarked on an insightful and hands-on field trip to the Bowes Construction Asphalt Plant. Aspiring to enhance their practical knowledge of heavy equipment operations in the construction industry, the students were given a comprehensive tour of the state-of-the-art facility.

At Bowes Construction, the students had the unique opportunity to witness the entire asphalt production process, from raw material intake to the final product. They were guided by experienced professionals who shared their expertise on the intricate workings of the asphalt plant and the crucial role of heavy equipment in the production line.

The visit allowed the students to operate and familiarize themselves with various heavy machinery, gaining practical experience that complements their classroom learning. They were able to observe the precision and skill required to manage heavy equipment effectively in a real-world setting, gaining insights into the challenges and intricacies of asphalt production.

Moreover, interacting with industry professionals at Bowes Construction provided the students with valuable networking opportunities and a chance to ask questions about the practical aspects of their future careers. Overall, the field trip to the Bowes Construction Asphalt Plant was an enriching experience for the Lake Area Heavy Equipment Operator students, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and hands-on application in the dynamic world of construction and heavy equipment operation.

Proud to support our agricultural community!

Bowes Construction is proud to support Brookings County Achievement Days, an important local event that celebrates the accomplishments and talents of our community's youth. Our company believes in investing in the future, and by sponsoring this event, we aim to encourage and empower the next generation to excel in their endeavors, whether in agriculture, 4-H, or other fields. We are committed to fostering growth and success in Brookings County, and our partnership with Achievement Days is just one way we demonstrate our dedication to our community's development and prosperity.

Ag Community

Supporter of SDSU State-a-Thon

On April 15th Bowes Construction was happy to sponsor SDSU State-a-Thon! This event is an annual program that helps raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network of South Dakota. The funds raised from this event help kids and families in need of monetary assistance when facing medical hardships or troubles. At Bowes Construction we see immense value in giving back to the Youth, as we know our youth is the next generation of our industry. Thank you SDSU State-a-Thon for organizing such a great day of Boot Scootin’ Miracles!

3rd Annual Community in Construction Event

On April 15th Bowes Construction hosted our third annual Community in Construction Event. This event is our way of giving back to the people in the Brookings and surrounding communities. The day was filled with fun from kids playing in our sand boxes, people exploring our heavy equipment, good food, yard games, fun raffles, great conversation, and awesome people. We would like to thank all of those who attended as well as Shorty’s Hot-Box for providing an awesome meal! See you all next year!

Proud Sponsor of South Dakota State Rodeo

On March 30th Bowes Construction was happy to sponsor and attend the Buckles and Bling SDSU Rodeo Banquet. This event raises proceeds to help support South Dakota State Rodeo athletes. During the banquet, Bowes Construction was happy to Donate a few loads of gravel to the silent auction. The SDSU rodeo then took place on March 31st and April 1st at the Swiftel Center! Thanks to South Dakota State Rodeo team for putting on such a great banquet, and other businesses for contributing to such a great program.

Aiming to Inspire Health

On August 11th the Brookings Health Systems held their annual Aiming to Inspire Health Fundraiser. This event raised proceeds to support local health care through the Brookings Health System Foundation, including facility, equipment and technology upgrades; health and wellness education for the community and employees; and assistance for patients and their families. Twenty-four teams participated at the clay target tournament! Bowes Construction was happy to support our local health care organization!

Brookings County Achievement Days

At the beginning of August, the Brookings County 4-H, Brookings County Extension, and SDSU Extension held the Brookings County Achievement Days. This event took place at the Swiftel Center in Brookings, South Dakota from August 1st until August 4th! The week was filled with activities for kids to explore the agricultural industry and others through their various projects. On August 4th, the extension held the first annual ribbon auction of champions! This auction featured the top animals in the county and gave 4-Hers the opportunity to show off their hard work. Bowes Construction was happy to attend the first annual ribbon auction and ended up purchasing the champion Meat Goat ribbon. Bowes Construction was happy to support the project as the proceeds will be utilized to help the exhibitor with college and career development. Thank you to the extensions for putting on the great event, and thank you local farmers, Bowes Construction appreciates you!

Bowes Construction 2nd annual community in construction event

On April 23rd Bowes Construction had their second annual community in construction event. The day consisted of fun for all! Bowes brought in Midwest Catering who served pork sandwiches, chips, coleslaw, and cookies. On display was multiple pieces of construction equipment from motor graders, excavators, bulldozers, and trucks. A raffle was held through the entire event, and a winner was selected every 20 minutes! Prizes included Bowes Swag, gift cards, and a load of gravel. Every kid received a sand pail and shovel and were able to play in large sandboxes. It was a fun day, thanks all who attended! Stay tuned for next year’s event!

Bowes lends a helping hand

On May 12th Bowes Construction endured a tremendously damaging storm. This storm brought high winds over 80 miles an hour, tornadoes, rain, hail, and a massive cloud of dust. Many structures were damaged and destroyed as well as knocking down many trees throughout the community. The storm caused power outages, some which lasted three days. Bowes Construction, saw that the community needed help so Bowes Construction lent a helping hand. Bowes Construction truck drivers helped the city of Brookings with tree cleanup and removal throughout the entire community! Bowes’s drivers helped to haul trees in side dumps, as well as helping with loading and unloading. It was a team effort by so many, and Bowes was happy to help and be apart of that team. Brookings is truly a special place, because the people here are willing to help the greater good and do what it takes to help their neighbor!

SDSU Athletic Scholarship Auction

On May 22nd the SDSU scholarship auction took place. This auction helps raise money to support Jackrabbit Athletics. The majority of the funds raised will be utilized as scholarships for student athletes attending SDSU! We couldn’t be prouder to support the amazing college Brookings has to offer.


CASA's Fire & Ice Gala

On May 14th Bowes Construction was proud to sponsor the annual Fire and Ice Auction and Gala. This event is very impactful for many young children in South Dakota as the funds raised go to support CASA an organization that provides clothing, food, and other necessities for children that don’t have them. The event was held virtually so Bowes Construction sponsored the photo booth for some fun photos. Thanks, CASA, for holding such a great event, we can’t wait for next year!

Community In Construction Event

On April 17th, 2021 Bowes Construction had our first annual Community in Construction Event! The event ran from 11-2 and it was an absolute blast! Raffles were given out every 20 minutes with our grand prize being a load of gravel. Free food was available for the entire community thanks to Midwest Fresh Catering. Many pictures were taken as the kids both young and old took pictures in our construction equipment! Also, employment applications were taken as well as we are adding them to our team. Stay tuned for the event next year, as we are now making this an annual event!

A Proud Stage Sponsor at Downtown at Sundown

Every year the Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce holds an awesome series of events every Thursday night. This series of events is called Downtown at Sundown where the community members of Brookings get together every Thursday night for five weeks starting in July and wrapping up in August. This event helps promote local businesses here in Brookings, and brings together the Brookings community for a fun evening of live music, food, and comradery. In 2021 Bowes Construction was proud to be the stage sponsor for this event. Bowes provided the truck and trailer that the bands performed on. On top of that Bowes also had a booth to interact and hand out some cool swag during the event. Thanks to the Brookings Area Chamber for having such a great event to bring the community together!

Brookings Area Golf Tournament Sponsor

At Bowes Construction we enjoy two things for certain! The first being supporting our community and the second being golf. In 2021 Bowes Construction was a sponsor for a few different golf tournaments in the area. The first golf tournament was the Brookings Area Chamber Par-Tee tournament. This tournament took place on July 16th and it was a full day event to help raise money for the Brookings Area Chamber to support local businesses in Brookings. Thanks to the Chamber for having an awesome “Par-Tee” and giving business owners an opportunity to have a fun day together.

Bowes Construction also was a proud sponsor for Bobcat Backer golf tournament. This tournament is for a great cause because all the proceeds raised go back directly to support the youth here in Brookings. The Bobcat Backers mission is to help support youth athletics in the Brookings school system. All the proceeds from the tournament will be utilized to provide better equipment, facilities, as well as cover kid’s travel expenses to competitions. Thank you, Bobcat Backers, for all your hard work, and including us in such a great cause!

Bowes Construction was another proud sponsor for the Putts FORE Paws tournament! This organization is near and dear to Bowes Construction as our Vice President Miranda Bowes Peterson helped launch this organization years ago. Proceeds raised from this tournament go back to directly support the Brookings Regional Humane Society. This organization provides for abandoned pets so they can receive the care they need and find a proper home.

Finally, Bowes sponsored the 2nd annual Volga Golf Tournament. This golf tournament is put on by the Brookings Area Chamber to help support Volga area businesses. Bowes realizes the importance of supporting not only Brookings but also the surrounding communities! Bowes Construction had a ton of fun at this one as they sponsored a game and gave away a YETI cooler. Thanks so much to the chamber for yet again organizing a great event to bring professionals together!

Brookings Festival of Lights Parade

Record-breaking crowds attended the 25th Annual Festival of Lights Parade in downtown Brookings on the beautiful evening of December 4th 2020. Bowes Construction representatives were honored to serve as Grand Marshalls, riding Rudolph the Red-Nosed Ranger as he led the way, bringing joy and holiday spirit to all ages!

SDSU Beef Bowl 2021

At the SDSU 2021 Beef Bowl on October 2nd Bowes Construction hosted the Wounded Warriors and American Heroes for the game against Dixie State. These individuals have sacrificed so much to support this great nation, Bowes Construction (coming from a military background) felt obligated and honored to host these veterans to say thanks for their service and sacrifice! It was a great game with a big Jacks win, and we couldn’t be more satisfied by having such great company during the game! Special thanks to Connie Johnson for reaching out to make this happen. Thanks again to all veterans whom have served to protect this amazing country!


Civil Engineering Student Tours

On September 30th Bowes Construction gave civil engineering students from South Dakota State University a tour of the asphalt plant. These senior engineering students had a full morning. On the tour there were 40 students, to ensure safety we broke the group up into two parts. One group stayed back at our office and learned about some interesting facts and more information about the asphalt industry. If a student answered a question right, they were given some free Bowes apparel and merchandise. The other group then toured the asphalt plant with our asphalt estimator and learned how we produce asphalt here at Bowes Construction. The groups then were able to switch! All in all, it was a great morning, and special thanks to Professor Ghabchi for bringing his class.

Here are a few more ways we support our community.

Community Involvement 1 (Walk a Mile in Her Shoes)

Managers step into red high-heels to show their support to end gender violence as part of an international campaign.

Community Involvement 2

On February 14th, 2015, we hosted an open house for the entire community, which included food, a video presentation of our history, and a DJ lead party to commemorate 40 years in business.


Year after year, we take pride in sponsoring student athletes and their programs.


We teamed up with other contractors donating resources to improve Teen Challenge’s pond making it safely accessible and, once planting takes place in the spring, more aesthetically pleasing for the program’s participants.

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