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Exit 130 Celebration

Brookings, South Dakota- August 23, 2023- Bowes Construction celebrated a major milestone on August 23rd with a grand ribbon cutting ceremony at Exit 130 in Brookings, South Dakota. The event marked the successful completion of a significant infrastructure project that promises to enhance connectivity and drive economic growth in the region. Amidst a backdrop of …

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Perkins not only has some of the best breakfast in the area but also one of the best parking lots too! In the Summer of 2019, Bowes completed a mill and overlay on the Perkins lot. This parking lot however was no easy task as it lies in the flood plain and required extra attention …

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In the summer of 2019, Hardee’s was in need of a freshly paved parking lot due to wear and tear. This project consisted of asphalt removal, unclassified excavation, and recompaction of the subgrade. The old asphalt was recycled into the base course as well as being stockpiled. The base course was then installed and the …

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Einspahr Auto Plaza

Einspahr Auto Plaza, a car dealership in Brookings, South Dakota, was doing a reconstruction of their parking lot and called Bowes Construction to pave their lot! Bowes started and completed this job summer of 2019. After tearing up and recycling their old pavement, Bowes paved a brand new parking lot that was 4’’ of unclassified …

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Highway 100

The Highway 100 project was a large-scale, mass grading project south of Sioux Falls. This project consisted of grading, muck excavation, and unclassified excavation. This project lasted one season, however, it took multiple pieces of equipment including two graders, one bulldozer, and two quad tracks. Highway 100 ran a span of nearly 20 miles.  

Highway 18

Highway 18 was a two-season 17-mile grading project for the SDDOT in Hutchinson and Turner counties. This project consisted of many services related to dirt work. First off, Bowes removed the original highway. Upon removal, Bowes completed muck excavation, option borrow excavation, and unclassified excavation reshaping the road. Next undercutting and grading took place to …

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Brookings Airport

Award-winning work was done on the Brookings Airport job. The job was no small task and our paving turned out amazing! Bowes Construction in 2015 paved a large runway at Brookings County Regional airport. This project consisted of unclassified excavation and installation of base course and salvaged asphalt. Once the base course and recycled asphalt …

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