Brookings Swiftel Center

The Brookings Swiftel Center was a great project for Bowes Construction and was a part of the Brookings City Maintenance plans for the summer of 2021. This job was no small task, as the parking lot is very large. This project included a few of our services. First and foremost trucking, whenever we do a job we have to mobilize our equipment, product, and people. Next milling was the first step once equipment arrived at the site. The parking lot was milled (ground down top layer) and then required an overlay. The overlay called for (how many tons of asphalt) and was completed over the period of three days! That’s right, only three days, we really value our crew and their ability to be efficient and productive. The pictures you see here is the job completely completed. Thanks to the Brookings City and Swiftel Center for letting us fix their parking lot!

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