U.S. Highway 14 and U.S. Highway 81 Intersection

Bowes Construction was thrilled to be at the forefront of the transformative HWY 14 and US 81 highway intersection project, a significant undertaking that aims to enhance safety and efficiency for all road users. Our commitment to infrastructure development and community well-being was showcased in this project, where we turned a divided four-lane road into a non-divided four-lane road.


This project is designed not just to improve traffic flow but also to create a more seamless and accessible transportation network. By converting the divided highway into a non-divided configuration, we are streamlining the road layout to better serve the needs of the community and accommodate the evolving traffic patterns for increased safety.


The upgraded four-lane road will not only enhance the overall driving experience but also contribute to increased safety measures. Our team at Bowes Construction is employing state-of-the-art engineering and construction techniques to ensure that the transformed highway meets the highest standards of quality and durability.


As we embarked on this venture, we are proud to have played a crucial role in shaping the infrastructure that connects communities. The HWY 14 and US 81 highway project underscores Bowes Construction’s dedication to progress and our unwavering commitment to building a foundation for safer, more efficient transportation systems in the regions we serve.

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