SDSU Miller Wellness Center

Bowes Construction completed the Miller Wellness Center at South Dakota State University in early August of 2021. This project required a few different services to ensure the parking lot would last another 20 years. First off, removal was required in a few different spots where the subgrade was lacking integrity. Once the asphalt was removed, base course and fill was added to ensure a proper base. Once the base was fixed, the entire parking lot was milled. The top three inches were then removed and recycled to be used for other projects. Once the parking lot was completely milled, the parking lot was then swept and prepped for an overlay. A tack oil was applied over the milled parking lot, then it was overlayed with three inches of fresh asphalt. Bowes Construction is very satisfied with how this parking lot turned out! Thank you, South Dakota State University, for letting us help you.

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