Road Recycling

Full-depth Reclamation (FDR) is an in-place road rehabilitation method that works by uniformly crushing, pulverizing and re-mixing the pavement section of a road and utilizing a predetermined portion of the underlying base materials. This process offers a cost effective, time saving and environmentally-friendly recycling solution for road construction. The rehabilitation procedure enables pavement and shoulder restoration and replacement, structural resurfacing and shoulder widening. It is used to repair highly deteriorated roads requiring structural improvement due to pavement fatigue, inadequate sub-base materials or surface rutting and cracking.  FDR can result in up to 20 years of extended lifespan to the original construction by eliminating pavement distress factors such as alligator, fatigue, thermal, transverse longitudinal and reflective cracking.

By rebuilding your road base using the reclamation process you can:

  • Conserve natural resources by recycling existing materials
  • Conserve fuels and lessen emissions by having less equipment on a project
  • Conserve landfill space since no asphalt material is hauled out, instead being reused on the job

Besides being an environmentally friendly process, FDR is the most cost-effective method to rebuild poor or weak roadway foundations. FDR is used for any asphaltic surface from country roads to urban roads from parking lots to airport runways. FDR can work everywhere including around structures, along curbs and can adjust road profiles and elevators. Fatigued pavements often warrant full-depth reclamation including when roads have experienced:

  • Wheel rutting
  • Alligator cracking
  • Irregular profiles
  • Longitudinal and lateral cracking
  • Pavement raveling
  • Heavy patching
  • Reflective cracking
  • Potholes
  • Deficient sub-base materials

How Does FDR Work: The 4-Step Process

  • Reclaimer pulverizes average depths of 4-16 inches
  • Reclaimed material is then stabilized
  • Grader shapes and profiles reclaimed material
  • Rollers compact reclaimed material

Problematic bases are susceptible to severe cracking, pavement fatigue, settlements, depressions and structural rutting.  Old roads which have not had proper maintenance, increased traffic demands on roads as populations rise, increased load sizes, freeze/thaw cycles  all play a part in road deterioration and manifest in visible cracking and dilapidated roads. Our base stabilization techniques stabilize and strengthen weak base and sub-grade structures. By strengthening the base layer, overlay requirements are reduced and the service life of the road can be extended.

We believe if a road, parking lot, or runway is built or rehabilitated properly with the focus being on the structure of the sub-grade and the strength of the base, and if proper maintenance is given, it will last for many years to come.  Call us today to find out if Full-depth Reclamation is the right choice for your rehabilitation project.

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