All City Suites & Storage

In 2021 Bowes Construction started construction on the new All City Suites and Storage. This project progressed over 2021 and was completed in the summer of 2022.  Bowes Construction was the first on the site, and also was one of the last on the site. First off Bowes Construction was responsible for site prepartion, this included initial site rough grading. Following rough grading gravel was added to the site, to prepare for the building of the storage units. Next Summit Contracting constructed the storage buildings on site. After Construction of units, Bowes Construction was back on site and touched up the gravel on site. Finally Bowes Construction installed asphalt pavement in the parking lot. Thank you All City Suites and Storage, TK Quartz & Granite, Summit Contracting, Timmons Construction, and Stockwell Engineering for working with us on this project.

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