Brookings Business of the Month

The Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce Bowes Construction, Inc. as the November 2021 Business of the Month!

Founded in 1975 by Lyle and Marcia Bowes, the company has been serving Brookings and the surrounding communities for over 40 years in the road construction industry. In 2012, Lyle and Marcia’s children, Jason Bowes and Miranda Bowes Peterson would buy out their parents and continue to grow the company. Over the past 10 years, they’ve continued to streamline processes, advance their technology, and expand their team and business. Their work is constantly changing and their workforce can vary between 75-100 employees throughout the year.

If you drive through Brookings on a daily basis, you’re cruising down a smooth street thanks to Bowes Construction! Roads are necessary but have you been out to the Dakota Nature Park or over to the Dana J. Dykhouse stadium? Yep, Bowes played a huge part in those too!

When asked what projects were the most memorable to Jason and Miranda, not just one but multiple rolled off the tongue with a clear overall theme – community. Those projects such as the Dakota Nature Park, Dykhouse Stadium, and the Brookings Gateway (commonly known as 6th St & 22nd Ave) that help make the Brookings community home are just a few of the highlights over the years.

It’s clear that Bowes Construction has served the community through their work for decades, but that’s not the only reason they were selected for this award. You’ll often see them engaged in a variety of community organizations. You may even recognize Jason as the current President of the Bobcat Backers and Miranda from her years with Junior Achievement and currently with the SDSU Campaign Cabinet!

Bowes Construction has been a member of the Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce since November 1, 1979. Help us give a round of applause to Bowes Construction, Inc.!

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